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This map maps out the areas that were killed by the pine bark beetle from 1980 to 2008. With sixty odd fires burning across the Oregon High Desert, six of them “major” fires, we would all do well to remember that we are just one spark away from a fire that burns from Mount Shasta to Southern Alaska.

You can always go back where you came from. You’re not welcome here.



Disguised as “Religious Liberty” is still Bigotry.

Well indeed I remember my grandmother puttering about her Gilchrist garden humming snippets of IWW Wobblie songs of her and m’Gda’s hell-raising days.

Oregon homeboy Erik Loomis over at Lawyers Guns and Money has an interest in the history of labor relations, the timber industry, and political-based poetry of American history, of New Deal Agency Poetry. Here is one of the most famous (infamous?) of IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) ditties.


You’re either with us, or against us.

No fear.

timberAbout five-thirty yesterday morning my kids’ grandfather and I were off to get some firewood in for my kids’ mother and stopped into the Bend Galveston Avenue 7-11 for a doughnut… because there’s no place else in this town to get an over-priced stale, day-old doughnut at five-thirty in the morning. The clerk was a roaring asshole, yelling at my eighty year old ex-father-in-law, yelling at me (something about not copping an attitude – I don’t cop attitudes, I have an attitude) and in general tempting me put a cap in its white-nigger ass. Needless to say, we, nor anyone we know, will not be stopping into the Bend Galveston Street 7-11 anymore. 7-11s are for white trash, and there’s certainly plenty of that on the Westside.

While I am on a rant, is anyone else bothered by all the jew-stars graffitied around town? It’s like gangland tagging, though the difference of course is if the Crips or the Bloods were to tag the downtown this heavily armed (7 to 1 ratio of gun shops to libraries) lily white-bread community would turn into a war zone. But because they’re jew-stars I guess it’s ok.

Twenty-five million of my ancestors were put to the sword in the name of the jew-dog, one of these days I’m going to graffiti the graffiti… with swastikas.

No fear.

Oregon home-boy Erik Loomis over at Lawyers Guns and Money is reminded of just how horrible Congress was in the 1850s, when the Democrats became a party of fireeating extremists:

During the 35th United States Congress, on February 5, 1858, he was physically attacked by Democrat Laurence M. Keitt in the House chambers, leading to a brawl between northerners and southerners. Keitt, offended by Grow having stepped over to his side of the House chamber, dismissively demanded that Grow sit down, calling him a “black Republican puppy”. Grow responded by telling Keitt that “No negro-driver shall crack his whip over me.” Keitt became enraged and went for Grow’s throat, shouting that he would “choke [him] for that”. A large brawl involving approximately 50 representatives erupted on the House floor, ending only when a missed punch from Rep. Cadwallader Washburn of Wisconsin upended the hairpiece of Rep. William Barksdale of Mississippi. The embarrassed Barksdale accidentally replaced the wig backwards, causing both sides to erupt in spontaneous laughter.

I agree, it’s only a matter of time before Republicans start physically attacking Democrats on the floor of the House. They can only “win” by cheating.

The Washington Post claims Deschutes County has the highest “gun store”-to-museum and library ratio in the nation, at 7 to 1.

The report is based on data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which shows Deschutes County has 114 federally licensed gun dealers, while the Institute of Museum and Library Services says the county only has 17 libraries and museums.

Nothing to argue there: we have exactly two (unaffordable) museums and the library system has been so heavily censored by the reich-wing “christian” tea bagger dog-shit around here it isn’t worth visiting.

dirty earthSo put down the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Fox Kool-Aid and turn off the television, because ocean acidification is threatening the extinction of creatures that supply half the world’s oxygen.

Working in carbon saturated waters off the West Coast, a living laboratory to study the effects of chemical changes in the ocean brought on by increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, a team of scientists from NOAA’s Fisheries Science Center and Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, along with teams from universities in Maine, Hawaii and Canada focused on the unique “upwelled” zones of California, Oregon and Washington. In these zones, strong winds encourage mixing, which pushes deep, centuries-old CO2 to the ocean surface. Their findings could reveal what oceans of the future will look like. The picture is not rosy.

Scientists already know that ocean acidification, the term used to describe seas soured by high concentrations of carbon, causes problems for organisms that make shells. “What we don’t know is the exact effects ocean acidification will have on marine phytoplankton communities,” says Dr. Bill Cochlan, the biological oceanographer from San Francisco State University oceanographer who was the project’s lead investigator. “Our hypothesis is that ocean acidification will affect the quantity and quality of certain metabolities within the phytoplankton, specifically lipids and essential fatty acids.”

Acidic waters appear to make it harder for phytoplankton to absorb nutrients. Without nutrients they’re more likely to succumb to disease and toxins. Those toxins then concentrate in the zooplankton, shellfish and other marine species that graze on phytoplankton.

If the interaction between CO2, ocean acidity and nutrient supply to phytoplankton and other ocean-going creatures isn’t something you can wrap your head around, try this: Every second breath you take is due to phytoplankton. Those single cells generate the lion’s share of the world’s O2. “If they’re out of balance,” says Trainer, “the rest of life on earth is going to be out of balance.”

Eerily, observes [Dr. Vera] Trainer, an oceanographer with NOAA’s Fisheries Marine Biotoxins Program, scientists like her who are carefully documenting what’s happening with the world’s phytoplankton populations are “in some ways documenting our demise.”

You are a clear and present danger to my grandchildren’s survival.

Fear me.

Blue_OregonOver at Blue OregonKari Chisholm writes What Monica Wehby could learn from Dr. Seuss about voting in Oregon:

“Monica Wehby, the Republican Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Oregon, is apparently too busy to bother with democracy. When the Willamette Week reported Wehby hasn’t voted in the majority of elections, her spokesperson said this:

“Wehby has an extremely demanding schedule that often can change in a second… yet, she still voted in the majority of general elections in which she was eligible.” [Note the weasel word: 'general' elections, though huge issues appear on non-general election ballots, including Wehby's own nomination.]

Unfortunately for Wehby, she lives in Oregon, where you have a good three weeks to vote, and you can vote at your leisure in about five minutes if you’ve been paying attention to the issues and candidates.

Oregon isn’t one of those states where you have to go to a polling place, and sometimes wait in line for hours in awful weather, to vote. Oregon isn’t one of those places like Afghanistan where you have to risk your life to vote.

You can vote in your bathroom. Over coffee. With friends over martinis. At work. From overseas. Dr. Seuss might explain: You can vote in your house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox, on a train, in the dark, with a goat, in a boat…

I’d guess Oregon is one of the easiest places in the world to vote.

But for Wehby – apparently she can’t be bothered to find five minutes in three weeks to participate in one of the most basic responsibilities of democracy.”

Of course she’s lying, she’s of the Oregon Retard Party, and her lips are moving.

I do not give a shit about school buses in Kansas. Do not give a shit about trees falling in Orlando Florida. And I could give a rat’s flying ass about OJ Simpson. This is Central Oregon. Do you think you might give us “news” about, you know, Central Oregon? If I want “news” about school buses in Kansas, trees falling in Orlando Florida, or OJ Simpson I would tune in Fox Propaganda.

Oh, wait…

Racist assholes.

First neutral post-primary poll here in Oregon shows incumbent Jeff Merkley up over Retard Party candidate Monica Wehby by 18 points.

Oregon Retard Party candidate Monica Wehby is the one who informed us a couple of days ago that the stalking charges levied against her by both her ex-husband and a former boyfriend demonstrate the tenacity she will take to Washington to “repeal Obamacare and do what’s right for Oregon.” No mention of the five year old kid she as a “surgeon” killed performing an unnecessary surgery.

She is endorsed by Retard congressman Greg Walden, a trust-funder punk who has never done a day’s work in its life and doesn’t even live in Oregon.

The rest of you have no monopoly on crazy Retard candidates. Or voters.


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