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Forget amnesty for the refugee kids, it’s time to work out a straight one-to-one trade. America gets those kids on that bus, if it ever comes, and Guatemala gets you. You’ll love it there, it’s got lots and lots of guns.

dixie-flag-NOTGotta’ hand it to you racist assholes, it’s pretty damned impressive how you’ve started two chicken-shit paid for on my grandkids’ credit card wars, bankrupted both the national and international economies by facilitating the simultaneous transfer of both pretty much all of the public assets to the private sector and pretty much all of the private debt to the public sector, reignited the war on women while regressing the country to a level of Jim Crow racism we haven’t seen in at least fifty years… and manage to blame it all on the black guy.

That, is pretty damned impressive.

Racist assholes.

Via Lawyers Guns and Money, all those liberals driving Priuses make big strong tough American white men feel threatened.

dodge ram exposedIn small towns across America, manly men are customizing their jacked-up [de-engineered suburban assault vehicles with tires the size of Volkswagons and the hood ornament a perfect rendition of the human female reproductive system*] diesel trucks to intentionally emit giant plumes of toxic smoke every time they rev their engines. They call it “rollin’ coal,” and it’s something they do for fun.

An entire subculture has emerged on the Internet surrounding this soot-spewing pastime—where self-declared rednecks gather on Facebook pages (16,000 collective followers) Tumblers and Instagram (156,714 posts) to share photos and videos of their Dodge Rams and GM Silverados purposefully poisoning the sky. As one of their memes reads: “Roll, roll, rollin’ coal, let the hybrid see. A big black cloud. Exhaust that’s loud. Watch the city boy flee.”

Aside from being macho, the rollin’ coal culture is also a renegade one. Kids make a point of blowing smoke back at pedestrians, in addition to cop cars and rice burners (Japanese-made sedans), which can make it dangerously difficult to see out of the windshield. Diesel soot can also be a great road rage weapon should some wimpy looking Honda Civic ever piss you off. “If someone makes you mad, you can just roll coal, and it makes you feel better sometimes,” says Ryan, a high school senior who works at the diesel garage with Robbie. “The other day I did it to this kid who was driving a Mustang with his windows down, and it was awesome.”

* Yes, I coined that descriptor.

Go below the fold for a really cool tattoo…

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You’re all a bunch of ignorant racist assholes, that should be taken out back of the barn and summarily executed.

We do not forgive, we do not forget.

Fear me.

Candy-assed cock-sucker, how’d that thirty million march on Washington to throw out the duly elected president work out for ya’?dixie-flag-NOT

Operation American Spring only drew  about 73 patriots, not the 30 million slated.

Stupid dog-shit.


Calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start, Tea Baggers plan to drive Obama from office Friday.

The activists say they expect 10 million to 30 million like-minded Americans to join them Friday in the nation’s capital for a rally patterned after Occupy Wall Street and “Arab Spring” protests.

Yeah, you just go right ahead and point your little pop-guns at the US Army.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

1st US, 7th Cav, 3rd AAA. Ranger.

Fear me.


A Pox on the Planet:

Cafeteria workers weren’t able to see which children owed money until they had already received lunches

The workers then took those lunches from the students and threw them away, because once food is served to one student it can’t be served to another.

You’re either with us, or against us.

Fear me.

They’re not coming for your guns. They’re coming for your Social Security check.


Dumb Fucks.

No fear.

The seven hundred pound Governor of New Jersey, the tea bagger idiots’ choice for President next round, beat up a school teacher yesterday.


Cowards, candy-asses and woman-beaters.

Any time you’d care to step outside…

We do not forgive. We do not forget.

No fear.



Update: Yo, Christie, I got your e-mail. Go fuck your fat self. Pig.

blackcatNo Fear don’t you understand?

You are a clear and present threat to my grand-children’s survival. Of no value to their future.

If you are going to drunk text me in the middle of the night, learn how to spell. If you want to step outside, step up to the plate: I will pop your head like the pimple it is. It won’t be the first time, and looking at the way the world is going it won’t be the last. Anytime you think you have what it takes, step up to the plate. I don’t give a rat’s flying ass what you think.

We are the Future. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.


No fear…


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