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Climate Progress, ever-vigilant and multi-tasking, delivers:

  • Politico delivered its must-read analysis, “Barack Obama becomes mocker-in-chief on climate change skeptics.” Yes, you knew President Obama spoke Wednesday night at a League of Conservation Voters gala. But only Politico has the bombshell scoop from White House political director David Simas, who said “Humor is a very, very good thing— especially in a place where voters just don’t understand why folks in Washington don’t get what they get.” CP could not agree more with Simas.
  • The New Yorker’s satirical piece somehow connecting “Mad Men” to global warming: “Prestige TV in the time of climate change.” It opens:

    Marci was watching television in her fourth-floor walk-up on West Twenty-first Street on the day the water reached the base of the streetlights. She stood up from her couch and let her carton of chocolate coconut Bliss fall to the floor. “Holy shit,” she said. “Don and Peggy do hook up. I knew it. I mean, I didn’t know it. But, on some level, I knew it.”

  • The award-winning sketch comedy team Temple Horses skewers the media with their report, “In Depth: Climate Change”:


  • The Guardian takes on the clown car that is the denialist camp, with “Global warming conspiracy theorist zombies devour Telegraph and Fox News brains.” Environmental scientist Dana Nuccitelli re-debunks “the long-debunked conspiracy theorist myth that scientists are falsifying temperature data to conjure global warming and frighten the masses.”The piece ends with some great advice for journalists who want to avoid being suckered by the umpteenth pie in the face from the deniers:

    Some advice for journalists — the next time you hear a global warming myth that sounds too good to be true, before letting the zombie snack on your brains, check first to see if it’s riddled with scientific debunking bullet wounds.

  • Tamino dismantles the deniers’ phony attacks on leading climatologist Michael Mann, with “Anthony Watts and the Bottom of the Barrel.” Bottom line: “What’s the take-home message here? That Anthony Watts and his crew are so eager to criticize global warming that they can’t be bothered to get the facts straight first. Even when it’s easy to do so. Even when there are multiple ways to do so.”Who takes these guys seriously anymore?
  • Finally, I’m pretty sure you missed the latest NOAA-led study on the dangerously high methane leakage rates of natural gas drilling — because NOAA doesn’t seem to have put out a press release on it. I guess they think this once-controversial finding is now old news. Scientific American (via Climate Wire) is one of the few outlets with the story, “Leaky Methane Makes Natural Gas Bad for Global Warming” :

    Natural gas fields globally may be leaking enough methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to make the fuel as polluting as coal for the climate over the next few decades, according to a pair of studies published last week.

    An even worse finding for the United States in terms of greenhouse gases is that some of its oil and gas fields are emitting more methane than the industry does, on average, in the rest of the world, the research suggests.

    I guess that makes America’s big push on fracking and LNG as part of our climate-action effort the World Cup equivalent of an own goal.

Climate change is happening, fool, so put down the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Fox Kool-Aid and turn off the television, because you are a clear and present danger to our species’ survival.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve made a fortune in pitchforks futures

pitchfork warning

… if a mob is about to use one on you.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.



dirty earthSo put down the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Fox Kool-Aid and turn off the television because one city will soon be drinking its own toilet water, and I don’t mean perfume.

When the lakes dip below 25 percent—and they will soon—the city will move from Stage 4 Drought Disaster water restrictions to Stage 5, the precise details of which were a matter of conjecture until April, when the city government decided upon them. Among other things, the city’s outdoor swimming pools won’t be filled from the municipal supply and the car washes around town will be forbidden to use city water two days a week—or seven days a week if levels dip below 20 percent.

It’s a set of restrictions that, like this drought, are without precedent in Wichita Falls. The residents have been asked to change the way they live—to leave behind the days of plenty and adapt to a new reality. A city may survive for a time without electricity or natural gas, but water is the lifeblood of civilization. We need it to drink, cook, and flush away excrement, the public health hazard that bedeviled our ancestors for millennia and continues to kill millions every year in the undeveloped world. The extremity of need in this part of Texas is so profound that Wichita Falls plans to turn this ancient relationship with human waste on its head—by drinking treated toilet water. [emphasis in the original]

… If there’s any squeamishness about drinking treated toilet water, the city isn’t hearing about it. “My first response was ‘Oh no, I won’t be drinking it. We’ll use bottled water,’ ” says Mike Mason, who services water pumps around Wichita County. “But assuming it passes all the state tests, we’re at a point now where we have no other options.”

“They understand they’re running out of water,” says Daniel Nix, Schreiber’s utilities operations manager. “We don’t have anybody standing up in council meetings and saying, ‘No way.’ What we are hearing is ‘Why isn’t this done already?’ ”

You are a clear and present danger to my grandchildren’s survival.

Fear me.

More than half of the plants being sold at major garden retailers under the guise of being “bee-friendly” are treated with bee-killing pesticides, according to a report released Wednesday.

In the largest examination to date following a landmark 2013 study, scientists with Friends of the Earth U.S. (FOE) and the Pesticide Research Institute tested plants purchased from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart in 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada. And despite being branded as “bee-attractive” plants, the research revealed the “widespread” presence of the neonicotinoid pesticides, or neonics, in these plants.

beesAccording to the analysis, Gardeners Beware 2014: Bee-Toxic Pesticides Found in “Bee-Friendly” Plants Sold at Garden Centers Across the U.S. and Canada (pdf), neonicotinoid residues were detected in 36 out of 71 (51 percent) of commercial nursery plants, some in concentrations high enough to “kill bees outright.” Some 40 percent of the samples contained two or more varieties of neonics.

“Unfortunately,” the report authors write, “home gardeners have no idea they may actually be poisoning pollinators through their efforts to plant bee-friendly gardens.”

Bees and other pollinators are essential for the production of two-thirds of the food crops humans eat every day. “Our own survival is tied closely to the survival of bees and other pollinators and we really need to listen to the body of science which is telling us to take swift action to help them,” said Master Beekeeper Erin MacGregor-Forbes during a Wednesday press conference announcing the report.

Neonics, manufactured primarily by Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, and Dow AgroSciences, have been found to be a major contributing factor to the perilous and mounting problem of honey bee losses.

Albert Einstein (remember him, father of the bomb?) famously stated that were the bees to leave, in four years so would we. As in, we will all be dead.

You are a clear and present danger to my grandchildren’s survival.

Fear me.

2optionsI am never so much reminded of the opening chapters of Doctor Zhivago – fat, white, drugged and drunken middle-class bourgeois comfortably pontificating in their mid-town flats – as when I scroll the “liberal” blogs. In particular those “liberal” blogs that position themselves as the progressive answer to the Retard Party’s Nazi Propaganda. They haven’t a clue as to what is coming.

It’s really rather simple, either we stop corporate control, or corporate greed will end human civilization.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Expect us.

downloadSo put down the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Fox Kool-Aid, turn off the television and PAY ATTENTION:

Three Ways Climate Change Is Going To Ruin Your Beer.

You are not just a clear and present danger to my grandkids.

Fear me.

eartheggThere are no gods, there will be no Rapture. Though trust-funder punk who’s never done a day’s work in its life and doesn’t even live in Oregon Greg Walden and a Retard Party led science committee has held more hearings on aliens than climate change, no jesus is going to come floating down out of the sky on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry away the chosen few, the faithful… Yeah. To what?

Far the more likely thousands upon thousands of cavernous spacecraft, vast slaughter-houses piloted by ravenous vaguely reptilian creatures, replete with horns and folked tail… hungry lizards. We did invite them to “Come Eat!”

With humanity facing perhaps its greatest, and final, challenge, with large parts of the Southwest drier than they were during the 1930s Dust Bowl, and the latest science saying unrestricted carbon pollution will make this a near-permanent situation around the world for a thousand years or more Greg Walden and our Retard “leadership” on the U.S. House Appropriations Committee on a mostly party-line vote Thursday passed an amendment to prevent the Department of Defense from using funding to address the national security impacts of climate change, and two weeks ago voted to pass an appropriations bill that singles out climate change research for cuts, while it dicks around holding hearings about “aliens” and if they are friend or foe.

I feel the same way about extraterrestrial aliens visiting Earth as I do about angels and gods:  there are no angels, aliens or gods.

No one is going to rescue us. There are no gods, stupid shit, there will be no Rapture. And the aliens will probably just eat us. Grow the fuck up.

You are a clear and present danger to my grandchildren’s survival.

Fear me.


darwineatsDr Black suggests

It takes an atheist, or perhaps even a Protestant, to get why this stuff matters.

It doesn’t matter one damned bit.

It has long been my thought “think afrensis“. In this new world not necessarily the strong will survive.

Fear me.

It’s really rather simple, stupid: stop worrying about the next election and start worrying about the next generation.”  Get with the program, or get the fuck out.

“Patriotism” is the last resort of scoundrels.

Came to mind the other day that I should be supporting Willard, as it would hasten our inevitable devolution into autonomous perhaps even fully independent region-states centered on economic, environmental and cultural commons – Nine Nations of North America. Whatever good Obama might be able to do prolongs the agony, leaving the inevitable even more complicated and potentially explosive.

Physics is everything, everything is physics – a perpetual motion machine is bound to fail, a beast cannot feed upon itself indefinitely. The inevitability is statistical. Not only has the “population” grown so but the population of variables both within and without the “population” has grown so large, so diverse, and across so much territory it has reached a point of statistical saturation, the “model” unsustainable. It has to change, it has to collapse, that’s its “nature”. Hyper-inflation breeds hyper-deflation, hyper-evolution breeds hyper-devolution, the longer it takes, the ever more hollowed out the machine becomes breeds the ever greater failure.


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