Did they get you to trade, your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? Did you exchange, a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage?

Judging by the way you recently treated the most popular Governor in the history of the State of Oregon, just months ago elected to an unprecedented fourth term with the highest number of votes ever recorded: cut his throat, ripped his balls off and tossed him to the jackels, I’d say it’s clear you hate Oregon and you are welcome to get the fuck out of my home town, out of my family’s home state for seven generations and crawl back into whatever sewer you crawled out of because you are not welcome here.

As a lifelong No Party Affiliation voter I long ago often voted for Retards when I thought they were best suited for the position, but that was long ago and these day’s I won’t even vote for the Retards I personally know. And as a No Party Affiliation voter I recently twice actively campaigned for Merkley, who like me is of a logging/milltown background and the first of his family to go to college, and yes, I campaigned for Obama. Twice. Never again.

I will never again vote for a democRat. Emphasis on Rat.

Don’t even get me started on the bird cage liner that is The Oregonian.

Go back where you came from, you’re not welcome here.

If you don’t eat shit you won’t smell like you eat shit.

Over the past decade, there has been a bounty of research on the ill effects of highly processed food. And when Yale medical researchers David Katz and Samuel Meller surveyed the scientific dietary literature for a paper in 2013, they found that a “diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention.”

Katz and Meller found that as long as you stick to the “minimally processed” bit, it doesn’t much matter which diet you follow: low-fat, vegetarian, and Mediterranean have all shown good results. Even the meat-centered “paleo” approach does okay. The authors conclude the “aggregation of evidence” supports meat eating, as long as the “animal foods are themselves the products, directly or ultimately, of pure plant foods—the composition of animal flesh and milk is as much influenced by diet as we are.” That’s likely because cows fed on grass deliver meat and milk with a healthier fat profile than their industrially raised peers.

You might even live longer.

Young Mr Drum has more…

From Erik Loomis over at Lawyers Guns and Money:

iww-kat_0.thumbnailOn February 24, 1908, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Muller v. Oregon. This landmark decision upheld the idea that, at least for women, laws restricting the hours of work were constitutional. This would be a major victory in the long fight to bring working hours down to eight hours nationally, a dream that had already extended for more than two decades and would not be realized for another thirty years. It also created gender inequities in labor law with implications that continue today.

In 1903, Oregon had passed a law limiting the hours of women to ten hours a day and sixty hours a week. Curt Muller, a laundry business owner in Portland, sued the state. Muller believed, for good reason given the predominant legal climate of the time, that he signed legal contracts with individual workers when he hired them and that those workers freely agreed to the terms of hours and wages when they took the job. Yet, these ideas were increasingly challenged during the Progressive Era, as activists sought to create a more fair America that protected basic rights of workers to a decent life. This was especially true for women workers, who many Progressives saw as both uniquely exploited and mothers responsible for raising the next generation of Americans. Progressives argued that whatever the merits of the freedom of contract interpretation of labor legislation, the state had a unique interest in excepting women from that principle. Progressives were especially prominent in states like Oregon, as well as Wisconsin and Washington, which would see the first workers’ compensation legislation a few years later. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the the state’s law and Muller then appealed to the Supreme Court.

Go, read the rest, unless you want to be stupid.

Whose side are you on?

Recreational Pot Now Legal in Alaska

downloadFollowing a sweeping win at the ballot box in November, recreational marijuana officially became legal in Alaska on Tuesday, making it the third state in the country—behind Washington and Colorado—to allow adults over 21 to smoke, possess, grow, and transport pot.

Alaska voters passed their legalization bill 53-47 percent in the midterm elections. In addition to making private use legal for adults, the legislation will create a marketplace to tax and regulate the sale of marijuana, though that portion is not expected to be put in place until 2016 at the earliest.

Oregon and Washington, D.C. also voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November. Oregon will make the law official in July, while D.C. faces ongoing obstruction from Congress.

Beginning Tuesday, Alaska now has nine months to create regulations for the sale and distribution of marijuana. Commercial farming will also be under consideration next year. For now, buying or bartering for marijuana remains illegal.

“First Colorado and Washington, now Alaska and Oregon—and all with levels of support higher than the winning candidates for governor and U.S. Senate achieved in those states,”said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “Legalizing marijuana just makes sense now to voters across the political spectrum and—as we’ll likely see in 2016—across the country.”

Some complex legal matters remain. The Alaska Dispatch News this month unveiled a new column, Highly Informed, to help residents cull important information about the law, from basic awareness to rules for renters who want to grow their own plants.

As the ADN details, the state’s new state pot law stipulates:

  • You can’t drive while stoned. You can’t sell pot. You can’t consume marijuana in public.
  • Drive high and you could get a DUI. Sell marijuana and you could get arrested. Smoke in public—or flaunt an edible, vape pen, etc. to the point where you grab the attention of police—and you could get ticketed for a fine up to $100.
  • Landlords can write marijuana prohibitions into a lease, as private property owners can prohibit or regulate marijuana on their property, but they may have difficulty enforcing them.
  • Companies that prohibit marijuana use can (and will likely) continue that practice. Nothing in the law prohibits workplace drug testing.

While future legislation and pending regulation remain under review, organizers called on legalization supporters to celebrate cautiously. “[D]on’t do anything to give your neighbors reason to feel uneasy about this new law,” wrote bill co-sponsor Dr. Tim Hinterberger and Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation spokesperson Bruce Schulte in an op-ed for the ADN last week. “We’re in the midst of an enormous social and legal shift. Please do your part to make it as successful as possible by consuming responsibly.”

Overall, as ADN noted, Tuesday, February 24, 2015 will go down as “a historic day in the Last Frontier.”

By way of the Rude One: Australia is in the midst of another heat wave season. Some areas got some relief this week, but that’s only because they were hit by a pair of tropical cyclones.  Of course, they didn’t hit where the massive bushfires are, but that’s because Nature is a tricky bitch.  The smoke from those fires in Western Australia has almost reached Antarctica.

eartheggAn independent, crowd-funded group, the Climate Council, released a report this month detailing how fucked beyond fucked Australia is by global warming.  Some of its findings, reached by synthesizing existing information, include:

“The number of heatwave days has increased over much of Australia, particularly the eastern half.”
“Heatwaves are occurring more frequently in terms of the number of heatwave events per summer.”
“The duration of the longest yearly heatwave is increasing.”
“The first heatwave in the season is occurring earlier over almost all of Australia.”
“The hottest day in a heatwave – its peak – is becoming even hotter over almost all of Australia below the tropics.”

Even more particularly: In Sydney, heatwaves now start 19 days earlier than they did in 1950. In Adelaide, heatwaves are 4.3C degrees hotter, and there’s double the number of heat wave days. “Heat wave” here means it reaches 40C, easily. Oh, that’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Often it’s 116 or pushing 120.

Yes, it’s cold out east… it’s winter. Not abnormally so. The cold, the snow, is not abnormal weather for the northeastern states, they’ve been getting cold and snow for at least as long as we have been around. The weather is extremely normal – extremely cold, extremely snowy – normal in the extreme. What is abnormal is they haven’t seen this kind of weather since the seventies.

If you don’t think the climate is changing, if you actively deny and obstruct progress, you are a clear and present danger to my grandchildrens’ future.

Think afrensis, and fear me.

Obama will veto Keystone XL Pipeline bill today without fanfare.

gop-humping_nIf through the Republican NAZIs’ racist obstruction of all things Obama and their lifelong hatred of America you’re not going to get paid, stay home!

As it stands, you are nothing but brown shirts. If you really want to protect this country, ship the Republican NAZIs doing this to you, to the country, to gitmo.

Forty-five years ago I swore an oath to defend this land against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


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