As readers of this blog know I have very little good to say about the jew/christian/muslim cult of male domination, but in these times when good happens, even amongst the most blood-thirsty of these barbarians, I am compelled to point it out. Via Juan Cole, Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job: “many American Jewish communities commemorated the beginning of their high holy days (the ‘days of awe’) by condemning the rising tide of anti-Muslim bigotry in the US. Read, for instance, the words of Rabbi Ira Flax of Alabama. Rabbi Michael Lerner is leading a Quran reading on Saturday in the Bay Area. These many heroes are countering the actions of a handful of hateful, well-heeled neocons who have joined with Christian supremacists in promoting Islamophobia in apparent ignorance of the simple fact that no Western country that came after the Muslims has not come after the Jews.”