Yet another incredibly bizarre sexual activity by a Republican politician:

Bill Johnson, an anti-gay Republican Christian politician, former Birmingham City councilman, director of Alabama’s Department of Economic and Community Affairs, candidate for governor, and Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri (campaigning to legalize marijuana and prostitution)…

… has spent most of the past in year Christchurch as a long-term recovery manager for Ceres NA, helping the earthquake recovery, which is very nice of him. But his selflessness didn’t stop at helping New Zealanders rebuilt their ruined city. On his off-hours, he’s been surfing the net for women who want to get pregnant and donating his sperm, including to lesbian couples – despite his public campaign against gay marriage. At least nine women have been recipients of his genetic philanthropy, three of whom are now pregnant, and there’s a line of ladies on his waiting list. On the one hand, the mothers might be happy that the donor went through college on a full scholarship, has a Bachelor’s in chemistry, graduated cum laude and is a member of Mensa. On the other, for a smart guy, he’s been really stupid – while he was being so noble and gallant, he neglected to tell his wife, former Miss America finalist Kathy Johnson, what he was up to while he’s been “helping” New Zealanders.

You just can’t make this stuff up.