So put down the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox News Kool-Aid and turn off the telesvision, because something is in the air:

Study blames obesity epidemic on rising CO2 levels

The question of whether carbon dioxide should be considered a pollutant under the Clean Air Act and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency has been a political football for the past decade …

All of that took place within the context of the contentious argument over global warming. But now there is a new charge against carbon dioxide that may strike more deeply at the heart of American public opinion: The claim that it promotes obesity.

That is the conclusion of Danish researcher Lars-Georg Hersoug, who examined 22 years worth of data on weight gain in Denmark and found that skinny people showed proportionately as much weight gain as those who were already overweight. This suggested to him that the cause must lie not in lifestyle but in some more general factor, a possibility supported by data showingeight different species of laboratory animals also gaining weight despite being fed a controlled diet.

But why blame CO2? The evidence here is more circumstantial, but Hersoug notes that atmospheric levels of the gas have risen during the same period and that in the United States, obesity has increased most rapidly on the East Coast, where CO2 concentrations are highest.