My new post to the Independent Voter Network:

As the Fukushima radiation hits the West Coast, we would do well to recall that Cascadia, The Pacific Northwest, is no stranger to the intercontinental pollution. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states:

Several recent studies have shown that powerful spring winds can carry Asian pollution into the atmosphere above North America. …some of the imported pollution can descend to the surface, where it affects ground-level ozone, a regulated pollutant. At high concentrations, ground-level ozone can cause severe respiratory effects in some people, and it damages crops, trees, and other vegetation.

Air pollution problems in North America result from the pollution emitted by Asian coal plants and industrial facilities, findings not entirely new.

Mercury is especially likely to travel across the Pacific Ocean. Oregon researchers estimate that as much as 18 percent of the mercury in Oregon’s Willamette River comes from overseas, increasingly China. Another study found that human-created pollution from Asia contributed to 14 percent of the mercury dropped on Mount Bachelor here in Central Oregon.

With ample documentation, we already know how the radiation will get here, and probably when. The only question is to what lengths the Corporate Media will go to to misinform and/or deny how much radiation will get here.