Lawyers, Guns and Money brings it home:

Mike Elk has an important story out on how the Koch Brothers are trying to influence workers in the companies they own to vote for Republicans. Focusing on their Georgia Pacific plywood and paper mills in Oregon, Elk demonstrates the long arm of the Koch Brothers on our elections. I had two thoughts on this. First, don’t mess with Northwestern timber workers. There’s enough workplace radicalism left in that industry that I’m not surprised at all they were willing to talk.

There’s enough workplace radicalism left in that industry to slap the living shit out of the status quo. Wobblies are still around, angrier, like wine, with time.

Second, what’s scary to me is the effect of Citizens United on state elections. Not only did the Koch Brothers tell their workers to vote Romney, but they also provided a list of people in state elections that support their agenda. In local and state elections, it doesn’t take a lot to swing the vote. Especially in some of these small timber towns, Republicans can win election to the statehouse. Oregon’s legislature is basically split evenly between the two parties. So this matters a lot.

Georgia-Pacific responds. I should note that my last mill job was in a Georgia-Pacific mill. Nonunion, of course. And my grand-parents were Wobblies. Here.

Angrier, like wine, with time. You’re either with us, or you’re against us.

Whose side are you on?