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Obama will veto Keystone XL Pipeline bill today without fanfare.

By way of Balloon Juicerepubs-luv-america-anderson
I think if you racist assholes don’t like it here, you should get the fuck out.

Each member of Congress will get 88 seconds apiece to debate this bill.”

2optionsStop this trade agreement:

Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida told Acronym TV’s Dennis Trainor that the United States did not go to war in Syria in September 2013 because the American public “rose up”. He says the same response to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) can prevent an unwise, democracy-killing trade bill from passing the Congress into law.

Although Mr. Grayson didn’t mention his theory of the TPP beyond, agreeably, the further concentration of corporate power at the expense of the people and their right to democratic actions in nations signing on to the trade deal, perhaps the real motivation behind TPP – plus the equally gigantic Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – is corporate solidification of legal rules in their favor, before the people of the world can gather enough strength in unity to stop the trade deals. The reason both TPP and TTIP are so, so secretive is precisely to prevent the people of the world from becoming fully aware and rising in opposition – strongly enough for the people and democracy to prevail.

The feature of TPP which has outraged the most men and women, one of the few provisions which has become known – through “leaks” by Wikileaks and other avenues, is given the legal term “Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement”. This is how every dispute will become resolved among the signatory nations and their people. The angering aspect is that corporate tribunals – not traditional, neutral, government legal institutions – are given the power to make all the legal determinations.

A fellow in the following video gives an example of how this controversial feature of the TPP works. The people of Germany have decided to phase out nuclear power in their country, and a corporation whose business is nuclear energy has sued the German government for over $2 billion dollars for “future lost profits”. He notes there are 500 similar cases in litigation now. If Vietnam signs on to TPP, the trade bill passes, and down the road the people of Vietnam decide to raise their national minimum wage, corporations will be able to sue the Vietnamese government for “lost profits” as a result of wage increases.


bush_fingerDday has the rundown:

But there’s so much more to the CRomnibus than just those two riders. Under the bill, trustees would be enabled to cut pension benefits to current retirees, reversing a 40-year bond with workers who earned their retirement packages. Voters in the District of Columbia who approved legalized marijuana will see their initiative vaporized, with local government prohibited from taxing or regulating the drug’s sale. Trucking companies can make roads less safe by giving their employees 82-hour work weeks without sufficient rest breaks. Pell grants for college students will be cut, with the money diverted to private student loan contractors who have actively harmed borrowers. Government financiers of overseas projects will be prevented from stopping funding for coal-fired power plants. Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be allowed to count “quality improvement” measures toward their mandatory health spending under Obamacare’s “medical loss ratio” provision, a windfall saving them millions of dollars.

I’m not done. The bill eliminates a bipartisan measure to end “backdoor” searches by the NSA of Americans’ private communications. It blocks the EPA from regulating certain water sources for farmers. It adds an exception to allow the U.S. to continue to fund Egypt’s military leadership. In a giveaway to potato growers, it reduces nutrition standards in school lunches and the Women, Infant and Children food aid program. It halts the listing of new endangered species. It stops the regulation of lead in hunting ammunition or fishing equipment. It limits contributions to the Green Climate Fund to compensate poor countries ravaged by climate change. I could go on. And even if the offending measures on derivatives and campaign finance were removed, all of that dreck would remain.

And digby, as usual, sum’s it up best: He goes on to make the important point that this is going to be the new normal. I think that’s right. The progressive Democrats will now be free to make losing stand after losing stand — which is a nice bit of theatre that excites people like me without having to disrupt business as usual — while the Democratic centrists and the Republicans make “deals” for the benefit of their benefactors and trade off cuts to various benefits and regulations like they were baseball cards.  If any consensus exists in the US Congress it’s that we need to protect the most vulnerable among us: rich people.iww-kat_0.thumbnail

The Revolution is here. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

You’re either with us, or against us.

Whose side are you on?

2optionsDemocrats last night voted en masse for more War, more secret corporate cash contributions and an unbridled Wall Street. There is no longer any question: the Democrats are simply the flip side of the Republican coin.

Fascism Lite.

I have long held that future historians will mark December 2000 and the appointment by an ideologically stacked activist court of the scion of a Hitler financier’s dynastic family with limited intellect, little education and no practical experience who was AWOL from the National Guard while I and my squad were pulling Regular Army tours of duty to the highest office in the land as The End of America. It would be hoped that future historians will mark today as the day “Americans” woke up and realized it, but I seriously doubt it. Americans are too fucking stupid to realize the water is boiling.

As noted elsewhere, I do not vote Fascist (Republican) and I will not vote Fascist Lite. And just as I will not vote for anyone on a Republican ticket I will never again vote for a Democrat. Even if it means voting against Wyden, who I have long voted for; if it means voting against Merkley, who I actively campaigned for. If it means you people lose and another Fascist Republican iww-kat_0.thumbnailvoted (or cheated, they can only “win” by cheating) into office. So. Be. It.

You’re either with us, or you are against us.

Whose side are you on?

It’s really rather simple, if you don’t want people to think you’re racist psychopaths, then get rid of the cops who make it seem like you’re racist psychopaths. Do you understand, or do I have to write it down for you?

burning crossGotta’ hand it to you racist assholes, it’s pretty damned impressive how you’ve started the race war you’ve long wanted… on top of the two chicken-shit paid for on my grandkids’ credit card wars, having bankrupted both the national and international economies by facilitating the simultaneous transfer of both pretty much all of the public assets to the private sector and pretty much all of the private debt to the public sector, reignited the war on women while regressing the country to a level of Jim Crow racism we haven’t seen in at least fifty years… and have managed to blame it all on the black guy.

That, is pretty damned impressive.

You racist assholes have the race war you wanted. Let’s see if you can keep it.

I’m back. I’m laughing at your “superiority”. Eat shit and die.

No fear.

lolAbout damned time….

For months, Democratic polling has shown that when Obama says “Congress,” people hear “Republicans.” Thursday, he made that explicit, saying that while Democrats in Congress aren’t perfect, he believed Americans knew it was Republicans who weren’t on their side.

“The best thing you can say about” the House GOP, Obama said, is that, so far this year, “they haven’t shut down the government. … But it’s only July.”

I think Obama just castrated Greg Walden and the Tea Bagger Retards’ plans to do just such a thing later this year.

And then he launched into an extended mocking of them for the lawsuit House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is threatening to bring against him for using executive action. He also offered stats that show George W. Bush signed many more executive orders and pulled in a quote from Mark Wahlberg’s character in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed.”

“I’m the guy doing my job,” Obama said, getting the line almost right. “You must be the other guy.”

“Think about that,” he told the crowd. “You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don’t do your job.”

Think about that, Greg Walden, trust-funder punk who has never done a day’s work in your life and don’t even live in Oregon. You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue the president for doing his job while you don’t do your own job.

Time for you to leave, locust.


Calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start, Tea Baggers plan to drive Obama from office Friday.

The activists say they expect 10 million to 30 million like-minded Americans to join them Friday in the nation’s capital for a rally patterned after Occupy Wall Street and “Arab Spring” protests.

Yeah, you just go right ahead and point your little pop-guns at the US Army.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

1st US, 7th Cav, 3rd AAA. Ranger.

Fear me.

Republicans cut five (5) billion dollars from food stamps for the poor, the elderly and the young last Friday, while handing Israel fifty (50) billion dollars “aid”.intel-design-120209

Israel is a Terrorist State. The Mother Of All Terrorist States. An utterly foreign occupier perpetrating an American Taxpayer initiated, financed and morally sanctioned genocide upon the indigenous descendants of the “biblical” Hebrew. It has no “right” to exist, and this world will never know Peace until it does not.

Leaving Americans to starve while Jews get fat.

We do not forgive. We do not forget.

No fear.


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