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About “gay marriage” and the Supreme Courts’ upholding of the constitutionality of equality… after three divorces, a couple of ex-long-term girlfriends and an un-countable number of one night stands; five children and nine grand-children, I just don’t see how this applies to me.

Why is it the only thing the Retards seem to think about is homosexual sex?

Genetic analysis of a 37,000 to 42,000-year-old jawbone found in Romania has revealed the highest concentration of Neanderthal DNA so far discovered in an ancestor of modern humans, indicating that the individual had a Neanderthal relative dating back only four to six generations.


It has long been my observation that “White Supremacy” is naught but a genetic memory of the time when the earlier, the elder, inhabitants of Northern Europe, the Neanderthal, were over-run and assimilated by dark skinned immigrants from the south.

Seriously, look at these pussies…


Look at those fat asses, fat bellies, fat cheeks, chins and jowls; hairless, pink-skin prone to lesions, boils and burns; weak eyes, weak ears, weaker brains subject to irrational dependencies upon adolescent fairy tales to justify sex with children and keep the bed dry at night, stink like a restaurant grease pit on a hundred degree day all holding on to their little pee-pees like maybe they’re gonna lose it.

I am laughing, at the “superiority”.

Fucking animals.

Before we were in-laws, we were outlaws. Didn’t like him very much, but he never did me, or mine, any harm. And we’ve shared a couple of damned fine grand-kids.

Long may you run; long, may you run.
With your chrome heart shining, in the sun, long may you run.

The world is not flat. No, it’s not six thousand years old and no,

it is not okay to have sex with children.

Animals, less than sufficiently evolved, less than human, bow down to gods.

Human Beings, do not.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


What are you gonna’ do about me, racist fucking asshole? Genius make their own rules, and do not accept the monkey customs of our lesser cousins.

To be Gnostic [nos-tic`] is Greek to know, or more accurately to choose to know. As a-typical (atypical) is to be not-typical, a-political (apolitical) is to be not-political, etc. a-gnostic (agnostic) [ag.nos-tic`] is to not know, or more accurately chose not to know. It’s the chicken-shit way out.

A-Theism(atheism) is not-theism. Theism is the fervent belief in gods or deities – religion. Atheism is not-religion. No,  “being an atheist” does not “require[s] as much belief in an unknowable…”

Atheism rejects belief in an unknowable. War is not the answer. Next question.

I find it fascinating as a not-necessarily disinterested nor outside observer as reinforcement of comfort zones unfold through the exercise of definition of that unlike. The fundamental problem is you don’t listen. When I tell you there are no gods you don’t hear “there are no gods” – you hear does not believe in gods. Atheist. But what you heard, “does not believe in gods”, is not what I said – there are no gods. It makes you comfortable, it reinforces your worldview, your belief system, to assign labels to that which you do not understand, are indeed fundamentally incapable of understanding. It makes you comfortable to call me a name, a something, I am not – you call me “does not believe in gods” as if “gods” exist, but that is not what I am. There are no gods.

As a Gnostic I have chosen to know, or more accurately have chosen to pass through the doors of and pursue the path of knowledge – to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, if you wish. There is no unknowable. Only the undiscovered. I know things you don’t know. I know things you don’t want to know. Hell’s Belles, I know things I don’t want to know. And above all else because of your worldview I know things you are fundamentally incapable of knowing. Upon entering into, embracing, investing in, your belief system you consciously chose to close the door to the path of knowledge, to reject the fruit of the tree of knowledge, to embrace ignorance and thus must reinforce your conscious choice to do so through “definitions”, insults, labels and mockery.

I mock  you as you once mocked me for my consumption of green tee when I say “far more the likely than heyZeus floatin’ down out’a the heavens on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry away the faithful thousands of cavernous spacecraft piloted by ravenous vaguely reptilian creatures repleat with horns and folked-tail. We did, afterall, invite them to “Come Eat”.” But does that sound any crazier than the apocalyptic christian worldview? I shock you when I say “animals, those insufficiently evolved, bow down to gods, Human Beings do not”, but I would far rather you didn’t exist to me at all… I am far more interested in understanding why there are California Wood Ducks on The High Desert for the first time in my half century and more memory than your inter-fairytale squabbles ‘ore whose non-existent dog has the bigger dick. And make no mistake, the jew/muslim/christian cult, the cult of Abraham, as with all other theisms –religions – is naught but a fairytale to sooth the adolescent breast, explain away the dark and keep the bed dry at night, yet one somehow, seemingly devinely manifest, capable of bringing about the end of the world my grandchildren are to grow up in.

As I have said here and elsewhere numerous times before, facing the challenges we today face we as a species, the human species, as a “race”, the human race, stand at a cusp, an iteration, in the evolution, in the maturing, of humankind, but if we don’t abandon – outgrow – this irrational dependency on adolescent fairytales we may very well not survive at all.

We are but fleas agitating the hide of a far greater organism.

Right now, FOX News is ranting about how “allowing” Iran to continue to build a nuclear weapon will trigger an arms race in the Middle East. But we gave Israel – the Mother of All Terrorist States, the utterly foreign occupier perpetrating an American Taxpayer financed and morally sanctioned genocide upon the indigenous population of Palestine – nuclear weapons in the 1970s.

I say nuke the Middle East, from Algeria to Afghanistan. Turn it into glass.

Then we’ll have all the oil.

Watch this…

So put down the Kool-Aid and turn off the television, because the snowpack in the Sierras is six percent of average. Records have been shattered:

The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which typically supplies nearly a third of California’s water, is showing the lowest water content on record: 6 percent of the long-term average for April 1. That doesn’t just set a new record, it shatters the old low-water mark of 25 percent, which happens to have been last year’s reading (tied with 1977).

Things are so bad that Governor Jerry Brown decided to slog into the field for the manual snow survey on Wednesday morning. He didn’t need snowshoes but he did bring along a first-ever executive order mandating statewide water reductions.

“We’re in a historic drought and that demands unprecedented action,” he told reporters who made it to the Sierra survey site off of Highway 50.

In the Central Valley, farmers would drill wells if they could stand the two-year wait, the half-million dollar cost, and if there was any point. California celebrates its gold rush history in the appellation, the 49ers. I’m wondering if the 6-Percenters might have a future in California lore.

You are a clear and present danger to my grand-childrens’ survival.

You need to be eliminated.


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